14 TOP Social Media Platforms To Increase Traffic

Top social Media to increase traffic

Social Media Nowadays Has Become A Must For Us In Our Daily Life. People Upload Everything On Social Media From What They Ate In The Morning Breakfast To What Colour Pyjamas They Will Wear At Night. Then Why Not Use Social Media Platforms To Increase Traffic To Our Websites Or Affiliate Links.

What Does A Business Needs To Sell A Product ? It Needs Customers, And Where Are The Customers ? They Are Uploading Their Daily Routines On Social Media Platforms. According To A Report In 2020, 4.57 People Use Social Media, That is More Than Half Of The World Population. Yes You Heard It Right.

Well, There Are 100’s Of Social Media Sites. Mostly Every Country Has Their Own Social Platforms And It Doesnt Gives A Wider Audience. How Can Anyone Be Active On So Many Sites To Increase The Traffic ? Which Social Platforms Should We Use That gives Us The Best Results? There Is No Use To Sign Up On Every Platform You See. Below We Will Discuss The 14 Top Social Media Platforms To Increase Traffic :

Facebook : No.1 To Increase Traffic

Facebook is the first social media site to come to our mind when discussing social media.It’s one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with 2.7 Billion active monthly users. Build a business page on facebook, share your business post other free business groups in your niche.

Twitter :

Twitter is a fast growing platform, and many people use it for news and information.itr is very essential for a business to engage with their customers and make them understand what your website or products actually is. many business run free giveaways by retweeting on twitter to promote their products. has around 186 million daily users.

LinkedIn :

linkedin is the best social media in terms of business. it has been created for business persons and like-minded people. users of LinkedIn are highly qualified and have huge annual income. The platform has over 700 million registered users, with about 300 million active each month.

YouTube : Highly Convertible Traffic

YouTube is the most popular video sharing websites in the world. websites and affiliates can use it to increase a lot of traffic. here there is no need for one to be a follower of yours to see your posts. you can reach a wider audience through youtube. has over 2 billion logged-in visitors per month.

Instagram : No.1 Social Media To Gain Engagement

Instagram is the best social media for businesses who want to create photos and videos for their audiences. You can share a post, a reel and an igtv video on instagram. being consistent only on instagram can bring you daily sales as people are highly engaged with this platform.

Pinterest : Top Rich Customers

pinterest is a very rich content platform. here posts are called pins and groups are called boards. according to a report more than 50 percent pinterest users are from the United State. nd 30 percent among them have a monthly income of more than $20000.

Tik -Tok :

Tik-Tok is a free social media platform to make and edit videos on our own. . many businesses are seen making their own videos, which gives them a high exposure through wider audience.

Snapchat :

snapchat platform is the one we discussed above where the people posts their stories from morning till night. stories here are called as snaps because its a photo or small video which people can post on snapchat.  there are still about 360 million monthly users worldwide using this social media channel.

Whatsapp :

this is a very powerful platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users.its easy to use and business using it gets faster response from customers than on any other social media platform.

Quora : Social Media For Direct Engagement

quora is basically a Q&A platform where many people are finding a direct answer for their question. business use it by searching the questions in their niche and giving a suitable answer. business also create a space on quora which is more or less the same as fb groups. it has more than 300 million monthly users with 40 percent from the US.

Reddit :

Reddit is yet another Q&A platform which also has a forum and blog option. it has over 400 million monthly users. reddit also offers paid advertising which is a highly convertible.

Mix :

Mix is more or less the same as pinterest but has a fan base of its own. you do not have to post anything or create any groups. you can just share the link of your website and the job is done.it has around 35 million active users.

Tumblr :

Tumblr is like a blogging platform.it has options like posts,chats,sharing photos and even audios. has about 400 million monthly visitors and owned by Automaticc which also owns worlds biggest website maker – wordpress.

Telegram : Top Traffic Conversion / Increase

telegram is one of the easiest way to increase traffic and keep that traffic engaged with your content. you can search for groups in your niche and promote your business in those groups. you can also make your own group and invite people in your group. has 400 million monthly active users.

The Most Important Thing To Increase Traffic Through Social Media Is Consistency And Patience. Consistency To Increase Audience And Engagement And Patience Because It Takes Time. Post Memes And Motivational Quotes At times. Create A Fun Poll Or Quiz And Engage Your Audience With You. Also Post Visual Content To Help People Understand better What Is Your Business.

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