Quality Handbags Brand Valued At A Reasonable Price

Bagclan Was Made Looking At The Thirst Of Middle Class For Good Bags At A Reasonable Price. A Price Which Is Valued At Quality.

How BAGCLAN Gives A Lesser Price ?

Bigger Brands Have Big Expenses Like Showroom Rent, Staff Salaries And Advertising Too. They Cover These Costs In Their Prices. Bagclan Is Free From All These Expenses As It Sells Its Bags Online And Through Distributors. Therefore, The Prices Of Bagclan Is Very Low As Compared To Other Brands.

Where Can One Buy BAGCLAN Bags ?

Bagclan Is Available On Amazon India , Flipkart And They Are Soon Going To Start Their Own Website. One Can Also Order Their Bags Through Their Instagram Page To Get More Varities And A Lot More Discount.

What Is The Price Range ?

Bagclan Bags Are Mostly Priced Between INR.650-900.

Below Are Some Of The Best-Sellers Of BAGCLAN

Bagclan Unisex Striped Duffle Bag For Travelling / Shopping / Gym Priced At INR.850

Bagclan Triple Partition Checks Embroided Tote Priced Between INR.650-750.

Bagclan 5 Pcs Combo Mini Handbag Priced At INR.850


3 Most Successful Ingredients For A Better Skin

For your best complexion, look beyond stocking your vanity with skin-care products and invite healthy-skin habits into your daily life.

A good skin-care routine isn’t only about which serums and moisturizers you choose to apply — establishing good habits at home is an equally crucial step. And with many people spending more time at home than ever before during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time to assess your environment and make improvements where you can.

So Lets Get Started With The #3 Most Successful Ingredients Ever For A Better Skin –

Bee Venom
Bee Venom

1 . Bee Venom — New Zealand Bee Venom one of the world’s most expensive natural products. At nearly $170,000 per kilogram, it’s four times more valuable than gold. Bee Venom Extract has been clinically proven to reduce both deep and shallow wrinkles, in the small and safe concentrations used in Venôm.

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Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey — The pairing of Bee Venom with NZ Manuka and Honey is used by Hollywood stars and Royalty to make their skin feel smooth and look youthful. Now the secret is out and this exotic beauty treatment is available to you.

Manuka honey is derived from the Manuka flower, only found in the wilderness of New Zealand. We use only the highest grade, certified, natural Manuka Honey with an official grading of UMF20+. The healing properties of Manuka Honey are so powerful, it is actually used in hospitals in many parts of the world. Manuka Honey has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, stimulate the growth of epidermal cells, cure infection and improve immune response.

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Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil — As featured on Dr Oz, this miracle oil comes from the pacific paradise of Vanuatu. It has been proven in clinical trials to reduce inflammation, promote healing, smooth the skin and counter UV light damage.


New Zealand is the youngest country on Earth and the last place humanity discovered. Its separation from civilisation has resulted in its natural products remaining unaltered by man and designed for nature not mass production.


A Must Have Gadget And Tool For 2021

The Couch Console

Watch The Video Here

7 Reasons Why CC Is Definitely A No Brainer –

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The gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the Couch Console on is.

The Cup Holder will fit most standard glasses, and you can also lock the system.

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To get the most out of it, we made the modules independent from one another so you can customize the layout just the way you like it.

Are you having two types of beverages? Just add two cup modules.

Need to store more items? Just put the cup in the snack module and use the spacer to divide it accordingly.

Watch More Details Here

3.Modules And Add-Ons –

Get The Most Out Of It & Update Whenever You Want

The Couch Console Comes As Standard With Four Modules,One Of Each Type And With
Its Unique Purpose. In Time, Based On The Feedbacks, They Will Design More Modules.
And Expandable Table Is Available As An Add-On

Planning To Buy It. Click Here

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The Couch Console has a USB C plug on top. The USB C hub goes directly to the storage space where you can connect any external battery you have.

We didn’t include a battery because most of us already have external batteries we can use, and it would unnecessarily increase the cost of the product.

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Cables, batteries, evens snacks don’t have to stay scattered anymore — we’ve incorporated a generous storage area in the couch console where you can store all the essentials you need close by.

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We’re doing our part in creating a product with minimal impact on the environment. The base of the CC is made out of recycled foam. This does not affect the quality but makes it environmentally friendly. Having the base made out of foam allows us to keep the weight down, making it easy to move around the house.

Also, because the CC is a long-life product, it won’t become obsolete and thrown away like many everyday products.

You Can View More Details And Photos On Their Website –

4 Ways to Get Visitors to Your Website

Introduction :

This introduction to getting more traffic to your website without spending a lot of money is what any business on the internet strives towards and we will cover the basics . Which will be followed by more focused look at other ways to get traffic to your site in subsequent articles.

There are a few ways of attracting visitors to your site that do not require a lot of cash. But consider the fact it’s not that simple and takes more work on your part.

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So, if you prefer to get traffic to your website, without spending money, then here are a few simple ways to accomplish that:

Submit to article directories :

Submit to article directories is perhaps one of the most valuable ways of driving traffic to your website. By submitting articles with a niche associated to your website, you are guaranteed of getting traffic to your website for an extended period of time. As long as your articles stays in the directories, the odds of receiving traffic to your website is substantial. Some of the submission sites where you can submit to are goarticles.com, ezinearticles.com, dime.com, articlecity.com and Marketingtooltime.com.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

This is a procedure that you apply on your web site pages to rank higher in the search engines. Search engine optimization is not hard to learn and there are several software applications that do a good job of SEO.
Search engines first look at your meta tags to determine what your site is about. Here are a few key factors when preparing meta tags:

As you continue to read this article, pay special attention to how parts 1 and 2 relate to one another.

a) Your domain name should have your keyword in it.

b) Title tag for each page of your site should include your keyword.

c) Your keyword should be on the first paragraph of your page.

d) The image alt tags should include your keyword.

e) The directory and file names of each page of your site should also have your keyword.

Create a blog that links back to your website :

Blog Posts at Blogger.com are readily indexed by Google and other search engines. By updating your blog you are feeding the search engines. and each time you put new content, the search engines will spot it.
Putting your keywords in the content of your pages will help you rank higher in the search engines.
By placing a link in your blog back to your site the search engines will follow the link and your site will get indexed and updated more often .
Blogging is painless and adds a lot of your pages to the search engine index without these pages you will not be found on a keyword search.
There are several places to get unlimited blog accounts started with some that are hosted free such as Blogger.com . Another popular blog application is WordPress.com that is hosted on your website.

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Posting in forum :

Posting in forums relevant to your theme will give you the opportunity to place your links, to your products and services in the signature line, so you will get visitors from the forum members and search engine, that follow your link.
Make sure the signatures you publish in forums are memorable to magnetize readers and make them click on your related link.

These 4 marketing tactics are simple and cheaper ways of getting visitors to your website. By implementing the above strategies on a regular basis would warrant a flow of traffic for a long haul.

14 TOP Social Media Platforms To Increase Traffic

Social Media Nowadays Has Become A Must For Us In Our Daily Life. People Upload Everything On Social Media From What They Ate In The Morning Breakfast To What Colour Pyjamas They Will Wear At Night. Then Why Not Use Social Media Platforms To Increase Traffic To Our Websites Or Affiliate Links.

What Does A Business Needs To Sell A Product ? It Needs Customers, And Where Are The Customers ? They Are Uploading Their Daily Routines On Social Media Platforms. According To A Report In 2020, 4.57 People Use Social Media, That is More Than Half Of The World Population. Yes You Heard It Right.

Well, There Are 100’s Of Social Media Sites. Mostly Every Country Has Their Own Social Platforms And It Doesnt Gives A Wider Audience. How Can Anyone Be Active On So Many Sites To Increase The Traffic ? Which Social Platforms Should We Use That gives Us The Best Results? There Is No Use To Sign Up On Every Platform You See. Below We Will Discuss The 14 Top Social Media Platforms To Increase Traffic :

Facebook : No.1 To Increase Traffic

Facebook is the first social media site to come to our mind when discussing social media.It’s one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with 2.7 Billion active monthly users. Build a business page on facebook, share your business post other free business groups in your niche.

Twitter :

Twitter is a fast growing platform, and many people use it for news and information.itr is very essential for a business to engage with their customers and make them understand what your website or products actually is. many business run free giveaways by retweeting on twitter to promote their products. has around 186 million daily users.

LinkedIn :

linkedin is the best social media in terms of business. it has been created for business persons and like-minded people. users of LinkedIn are highly qualified and have huge annual income. The platform has over 700 million registered users, with about 300 million active each month.

YouTube : Highly Convertible Traffic

YouTube is the most popular video sharing websites in the world. websites and affiliates can use it to increase a lot of traffic. here there is no need for one to be a follower of yours to see your posts. you can reach a wider audience through youtube. has over 2 billion logged-in visitors per month.

Instagram : No.1 Social Media To Gain Engagement

Instagram is the best social media for businesses who want to create photos and videos for their audiences. You can share a post, a reel and an igtv video on instagram. being consistent only on instagram can bring you daily sales as people are highly engaged with this platform.

Pinterest : Top Rich Customers

pinterest is a very rich content platform. here posts are called pins and groups are called boards. according to a report more than 50 percent pinterest users are from the United State. nd 30 percent among them have a monthly income of more than $20000.

Tik -Tok :

Tik-Tok is a free social media platform to make and edit videos on our own. . many businesses are seen making their own videos, which gives them a high exposure through wider audience.

Snapchat :

snapchat platform is the one we discussed above where the people posts their stories from morning till night. stories here are called as snaps because its a photo or small video which people can post on snapchat.  there are still about 360 million monthly users worldwide using this social media channel.

Whatsapp :

this is a very powerful platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users.its easy to use and business using it gets faster response from customers than on any other social media platform.

Quora : Social Media For Direct Engagement

quora is basically a Q&A platform where many people are finding a direct answer for their question. business use it by searching the questions in their niche and giving a suitable answer. business also create a space on quora which is more or less the same as fb groups. it has more than 300 million monthly users with 40 percent from the US.

Reddit :

Reddit is yet another Q&A platform which also has a forum and blog option. it has over 400 million monthly users. reddit also offers paid advertising which is a highly convertible.

Mix :

Mix is more or less the same as pinterest but has a fan base of its own. you do not have to post anything or create any groups. you can just share the link of your website and the job is done.it has around 35 million active users.

Tumblr :

Tumblr is like a blogging platform.it has options like posts,chats,sharing photos and even audios. has about 400 million monthly visitors and owned by Automaticc which also owns worlds biggest website maker – wordpress.

Telegram : Top Traffic Conversion / Increase

telegram is one of the easiest way to increase traffic and keep that traffic engaged with your content. you can search for groups in your niche and promote your business in those groups. you can also make your own group and invite people in your group. has 400 million monthly active users.

The Most Important Thing To Increase Traffic Through Social Media Is Consistency And Patience. Consistency To Increase Audience And Engagement And Patience Because It Takes Time. Post Memes And Motivational Quotes At times. Create A Fun Poll Or Quiz And Engage Your Audience With You. Also Post Visual Content To Help People Understand better What Is Your Business.

Hope This Helps You. If You Like This Blog Please Like And Share. Also Subscribe To My Newsletter On The HomePage And Keep Visiting The Blog As Soon I Am Coming Up With A New Blog – **Top Methods To Build A Branded Instagram Account*=

Top 10 Tech Products Of 2021

During the year ahead, technology will help us emerge from the pandemic in ways big and small, obvious and surprising.

Nick Weaver, CEO and cofounder, Eero:
Before the pandemic, we saw a clear difference in how people were using home Wi-Fi on weekdays versus weekends. Now many people are working, learning, and keeping everyone entertained from home seven days a week. We’ve formed habits and have gotten a lot more comfortable with doing things virtually. This opens up an entirely new way of life for a lot of people. The latest research has shown that 42 percent of the U.S. labor force is now working from home, but even after the pandemic, the anticipated share of working-from-home days is set to triple compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Keeping This In Mind We Bring You The Most Amazing Tech Products Of 2021



Reduce tightness and knots

Encourage circulation

Increase range of motion

Accelerates regeneration

Releases tension


M & L Ball Head for bigger muscle groups, like arms, thighs, back, buttocks and calves.

U-Shaped Head for massaging the neck, spine, and Achilles.

Rubble Gas Head for all parts of the body.

Flat Head for muscle relaxation on all parts of the body.

Bullet Head for deep tissue massage, joint injuries or targeted massage areas.

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Pix Backpack Original –

 The urban backpack with a built-in LED screen that you can easily customize with Pix App for iOS/Android.

Lightweight, shockproof, and water-repellent.



Backpack that is controlled from iOS/Android app. Draw your own art, display images, animations, widgets and even play games.


You can hit, bend or drop the backpack and the animation won’t be disrupted.


You can absolutely walk under rainy weather, the backpack is made out of a water-repellent material.


Pix Backpack is made out of durable materials and provide 1 year warranty.

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Automatic Toilet Cleaning Is Now A Thing.

Time to leave bathroom cleaning to the robots.

The Bathroom Assistant automates toilet cleaning & maintenance. Keeping your toilet clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

New Customers Get 6 Months of Pods Free

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Installs in 2 Minutes

6 Month Rechargeable Battery


Shine uses sensor technologies and connected apps to monitor water usage and detect problems like silent leaks. The Shine AI, Sam, can even determine the cause of leaks and provide in app guidance & repair kits so you can fix your bathroom without the plumber.

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Feel calm and focused, naturally

doppel has been shown to reduce stress and increase focus. Its natural effect works within moments.

Choose your state of mind

doppel works by creating a silent vibration on the inside of your wrist which feels just like the ‘lub-dub’ of a heartbeat.

Slower rhythms are calming, and faster rhythms help you feel focused – like music.

Results showing doppel’s calming effect have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Scientific Reports.

Set your pace

Create, save and sync your personalized rhythms using the free doppel app available for both iOS and Android.

Use the doppel app to take your resting heart rate then try the five preset rhythms to feel relaxed, calmfocusedalert or energized. You can edit these presets, or create your own rhythms. Sync two rhythms at a time to the doppel wristband via Bluetooth.

A natural, psychological effect

Although doppel feels like a heartbeat, your heart rate won’t match doppel’s rhythm. It’s a natural, psychological effect

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The World’s First SMART Home Cheesemaker

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The next generation of on-the-go entertainment. PIQO is a powerful HD projector that turns your average media viewing into a cinematic experience.


A Home Cinema in Your Pocket

PIQO is the smallest projector in its class. At just a little over 2 inches in all sides, it can easily fit in your pocket, handbag, or briefcase. 

PIQO connects to your devices via WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI or USB, making it universally viewable, sharable, portable, and all the more powerful.

Enjoy All the Fun in One

PIQO is compatible with 3 million apps and counting on the Google Play Store. Stream or download your favorite shows from Netflix or YouTube, play Candy Crush, manage your calendar and more — all in 240-inch widescreen!

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Discreet Security Camera

Protect your home 24/7 from your device

What Makes HD Mask Different?

24/7 Recording

1080p Full
HD Video


2.4GHz Wireless

Just plug and play

24/7 Monitoring – No Battery Required

What it can do









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The ultimate cinema experience now fits in your pocket

200-inch projection from a gadget the size of an iPhone. Thin, light, and versatile, Prima is your ultimate multimedia companion.

Massive HD projection

Prima casts cinema-quality video up to 200 inches onto any surface. Movies are more engrossing, sports are more thrilling, and gaming is unbelievable in life-size HD quality. With Prima, you’ll never go back to crowding around a TV screen again.

4x the brightness for striking clarity

Prima is 400% brighter than other portable projectors. Its 200 lumens deliver a crisp, sharp picture in any lighting condition. Superior brightness combined with stunning 1080p HD video make Prima the best projector in its class.

So portable, you can take it anywhere

Prima is the most portable projector ever created. The same size and weight as an iPhone, Prima can easily fit in your pocket, bag, or briefcase. Prima is the perfect travel companion whether you’re headed to work, school, or around the world—anywhere you need your entertainment.

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Retractable strap to tow carryon luggage hands free. 

Hands free travel is now possible:

Grab the RetraStrap,  wear around your shoulder and you’re instantly handsfree for the rest of the trip. Hold a cup of coffee and talk on the phone or text, push a stroller, hold other items, or simply relax. You are no longer handcuffed to your luggage.

Great maneuverability: Your luggage follows you around and turns when you turn. It behaves in the same manner as if pulled by hand.

You can still reach out and grab the handle when needed.

Stable, No wobbling  the elasticity of the attachment works as a shock absorber for an added comfort. It stabilizes the handle and  reduces the wobbling as well as the tension on your shoulder while walking.

Anti-theft, Anti-forget

Keeping the bag physically attached to you makes it harder for thieves and less likely to forget your bag somewhere.  

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The Single Biggest
Innovation in Cleaning

See why this cleaning tool was the most funded in Japanese history with over ¥117 million raised and $2.9 million raised on Indiegogo!



This ground-breaking cleaning innovation brings powerful ultrasonic technology to your fingertips. It’s more precise and consumes less energy than traditional washing machines.

The technology that changes everything.

Clean freaks rejoice! Sonic Soak’s modulated ultrasonic waves travel through water to clean at a microscopic level for a truly clean wash

Get ready for a revolutionary new way of efficient cleaning that’s taking the world by storm.

Sonic Soak generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through the water to eradicate dirt particles at the microscopic level. That means an even deeper and efficient clean then traditional methods.

The head of the device sends out ultrasound waves to generate microscopic cavitation bubbles. These bubbles implode and create immense pressure, immediately displacing contaminants.

What Can Sonic Soak

Sonic Soak is the only device that can clean virtually anything that will fit into a container of water (no ultrasonic floor cleaner yet – but hopefully soon!). But more importantly, Sonic Soak cleans everything better than anything else in your house.

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These Are Some Of The Trendy Innovative Tech Products Of 2021. Some Of Them Are Listed In Big Companies Such As Forbes And Inc.42. You Can View More Details Of Each Product By Clicking On The Name Of Product Or On ‘View More Info’ Written Below The Posts Of Each Product. We Will Be Soon Back With Many Other Top Products Available Online. Thank You